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Street Fair Vs. Art Fair

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Wnen you walked S. U. during the Art Fair you had to swim through all those buiging pockets--just walk fast and dodge 'etn. East University, where you could set up a booth free, was better; a mostly freek-populated area. It was younger and less commercial. There was a lot of leather work, candles, t-shirts, beads, and macrame. One sister sold $130. 00 worth of her crafts and paid her rent. I took a stack of 50 SUNs up one side V of S. U. and down the other and sold them all in 50 minutes. Daring the Art Fair and two recent days, a local household of crazies including Bob Roosenberg, Donna Wagel, Ken and Larry Hayes, Dennis MacMurray, Bob Shoal, and Craig Rairigh got about ten bucks together and took it to the open air market in Allen Park where they got a few vegetables. They got some more vegetables and some rice donated f rom Eden's and Tri House Coop donated some huge pots. They cooked all day on a regular household range, then took it down to the diag along with "Free Food", "Smash Honky Skonk", and "Free John Now!" signs and gave it away to everyone who pasged by for the next hour and a half. The first night of the Art Fair they had spaghetti and joints to help people through the outrageous money-grubbing streets without charging them their hours of toil for the dollar. Friday, August 13, at 6pm, they want to do it again in the good old Arb. Three or four years ago 50 people would bring cheese, bread, wine, reefers, rice, and music to get a united buzz going. Anyone who has donations, food, suggestions, and wants to have a beggar's banquet before school brings back more invaders to A2 , cali 6652579, or drop by 822 Oakland, Apt. 1, and help everyone's stomach and head on the 13th.