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Tim Leary Still Jammed

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Dr. Timothy Leary, who has been in solitary confinement in a jail cell in Lausanne, Switzerland since his arrest there earlier this month, is reportedly suff ering f rom a possible heart condition. Leary 's wife Rosemary has notified their American attorneys Michael Kennedy and Joseph Rhine that Leary "has been feeling very sick." Rosemary added that Swiss medical authorities had conducted an electro-cardiogram test on Leary- believing that his illness might be related to a heart condition. She said that she had not seen the results of the tests. Attorney Rhine is planning to meet personally with Leary sometime this week - and said he will attempt to have him moved to a hospital iĆ­ his condition warrants it. Leary's Swiss attorney, Horace Mastronardi, told Rhine that a bail hearing f or Leary was scheduled for last Wednesday, August 4, but we have no f urther information at this time. Rhine, who is taking with him a number of donations which we re sent to his office, said he will appear on behalf of Leary to aid in the argument for baih Swiss government authorities reported that no request for Leary's extradition had yet been recieved from the Uo S. State Department. But California Governor Ronald Reagan is requesting that Leary be returned to prison in the United