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Harvest Your Reefers Before Uncle Sam Does...

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The U. S. Department ol Agriculture reported this week that it will pay out $64, 000 to Midwest farmers who destroyed wild-growing marijuana plants. Since May the Agriculture Department had been experimenting in 11 Midwest counties with a special program vhich pays farmers for destroying the killer weed. Department spokesman William Sorrells reported that a total of 947 different farmers submitted requests for $88, 000 under the anti-pot program. Sorrells said that $64, 000 of the requests has since been approved. The most common method farmers have been using to destroy the wild grass plants - some of which grow to 15 feet in height - is to spray themwith a chemical herbicide known as "2, 4-EV " Smoking dope tainted with the chemical produces nausea and other 111 effects. The Agriculture Dept. estimated that it has been costing an average of $20 an acre to wipe out the plants - meaning that the $64, 000 in naymnts accounted f or the destruction of some 3, 200 acres of grass. The Environmantal Pr otection Agency has estimated that there are approximately half naülion acres of wild marijuana plants growing in the United States. (And harvest time is coming soon, folks!) The Justice Department will review the eifectiveness oí the Agriculture Departmont's anti-dope program t.o determine whether a more extensive and experisive drive against the wild and wiley plants will be conducted next year.