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Yippie Leader Beal Nabbed

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Dana Beal, a legendary underground Yippie leader from the Mídwest, has finally been nabbed in Madison, Wis. Baal had just finished a major behind the scènes role in organizing the Smoke-In and Anti-CIA Heroin March in Washington, and had gone to Madison to cool off. Dana was arrested f or possession of approximately 4 lbs. oí marijuana, which the Federal Narcotics Bureau claim are what was left of large quantities of marijuana distributed at the Smoke-In. The government has indicated they will attempt to extradite Dana to New York City to face old charges of sale of LSD to a minor, a felony, which were trumped up four years ago to get him out of the Yippies. However, Dana had continued to be a major force behind the scènes as a leader, organizer, traveler and theorist, despite his underground status. As a result of this, the Federal Narcotics Bureau had created a special squad assigned to capture Dana at any cost. Tney had been one jump behind him for about six months, as Dana traveled fast and often to continually elude his pursuers. K was a similar squad to the one which was set up to bust Owsley Stanley m, the acid alchemist, in 1968. Owsley was in the process of preparing his incredible "Christmas acid" which had been concoted to end the Vietnam War. The acid was confiscated, and shortly thereafter, Msfia acid was flooded onto the streets. Dana has traveled widely in the past six months while being chased, and people wh o have had contact with him should take precautions. Howe er, you may have had contact vuh him and not know it. He has changed his appearance and ñama numerous times. He is about 56", blond hair, highly intelligent, and often gives his name as George M-Jtesky, Jim, Paul, or Torn, Jim Kurrow, or John Wesley Harding. Dana Beal must be set free. Because of the tremendous eff ort that the government has expended to nab this underground brother, it is likely that they are gdng to try to keep Mm by any means necessary, Efforts must begin now. For information or to send contributions, write the Free Dana Defense Coitm. , Box 6524, T St. Station, Washington D.C. 20009.