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The Soledad Brothers Desperately Need Cash!

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v%y With the trial finally about to start, the Soledad Brothers Legal Defense team is on the verge of total bankruptcy. The outcome of the trial hangs in the balance. The Soledad Brothers have been under indictment since February 1970 (more than 18 months). The massive pre-trial assaults by the prosecution (changes of venue, gag rules, harassment, endless pretrial hearings ) have almost completely exhausted every penny raised by the defense. The trial is now scheduled to start on August 9, 1971. Defense attomeys expect it to last 5 months. Conservative estimates put the cost of the defense (expert witnesses, special investigators, travel expenses for witness interviews from all over the state, the bare necessities for supporting three attomeys and their staff during the trial, etc.) at $125,000. The state will be spending many times this amount in its ruthless attempt to railroad the Soledad Brothers to the gas chamber. Your money is urgently needed to prevent a legal lynching. Please send your contribution immediately to: THE SM1MD MOTHMt LE6JU. DiFEWE fW 510 North Third Street San )om, California 951 12 1 enclose for the cause of justice in the Soledad Case. Please send Soledad Button (75c minimum contribution) I would lilce to work for the Soledad Brothers in my community. Please send infonnation. Name Address I I