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FLASH! ... At the free park concert this Sunday in Diana Oughton Memorial Park will be UP, Guardian Angel, Bob Goldfarb's Blues Band, and Iron Horse Exchange. See you there!. .. FLASH!. . .No significant new developments on the Angela Davis Case since last ish - stay tuned for stuff as it happens. . . FLASH! . . . When a reporter called the Alma City Clerk's office to find out if 18 year old students who attended Alma College but whose parents resided elsewhere would be allowed to register to vote this fall, the office secretary replied: 'I don't know if we can legally deny them the right to vote, but we're going to try". . . FLASH! . . . The People's Food Coop has weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on the third floor of the S.A.B. Come on over if you are interested in working with us or have any suggestions about what we can do and would like to help implement them. We also need recipes to share with the brothers and sisters in the Co-op. Bring any you have over to the SUN or call it in at 761-1709 . . . FLASH! . . . Women's Liberation is apparently having its impact. Earth News reports that a special Gallup poll this week shows that two out of every three - or 66% - of all Amerikans would vote for a women for President. Two years ago, only 54% of the registered voters who were questioned said they would vote for a woman. The first Gallup poll on a woman president taken in 1937 showed that only 31%- or 3 in 10- of Amerikans were willing to vote for a female candidate. . . FLASH! . . . Business Hours for the Rainbow House (communal headquarters and offices of the Rainbow People's Party, Ann Arbor SUN, and Up Rock and Roll Company) are from 10 in the morning till 10 at night. Please don't bang on our doors (unless it's something urgent of course, since there are workers here at all times) before or after then. People's Food Co-op participants especially please note: no biz before 10 a.m. or after 10 p.m FLASH!. . . The Rolling Stones next tour of the States, originally planned for this September and then postponed for January of '72 , has been cancelled indefinitely. Work permits have been denied to Mick Jagger because he's a convicted dope "criminal." This one was going to really rake in the coin, with several closed-circuit television performances (just like the boring matches and Indy races) planned by the tour's promoter. . . FLASH! ... A couple of mistakes in past issues need correcting - the tenor saxaphone player for the Carnal Kitchen who did that killer interview on the new music in SUN #11 spells his name Mackay (not McKay, as we had it). Sorry Steve! And apoligies to Hawg Tate (who manages the Alley as well as playing killer harp and singing for his new blues group), too, whose first name ain't Hog . . . FLASH!. . . The Ypsi Food Co-op is now a reality through self-determination. Take each $4.00 order to 127 College Place before Thursday night. Pick up the goodies at 501 North Adams between 2 and 6 p. m. on Saturday. They need people to help bag the food plus they really need a van (theirs is falling into the junkyard ozone). For info call Nancy at 482-5942. Remember: the more people the better! . . . FLASH! . . . There's some bad acid around that looks like good old pink barrels, but it's got some weird shit in it that for some reason makes you feel just like you took some strychnine, Dealers and buyers beware! . . . FLASH!  . . The former business manager of the Grateful Dead will appear in court on September 14th to face charges of embezzling $77,000 from the rock and roll band's accounts. Two felony counts have been filed against Leonard Hart who allegedly moved money and checks belonging to the Grateful Dead to his own private company accounts. The Marin County (California) district attorney's office, which is prosecuting the case, said that most of the alleged check exchanges took place in 1969 and 1970. District attorney Gary Thomas said that one check for $11,000- a payment from MGM to the Dead - was never received by Jerry Garcia or other members of the group. Hart is free on $31,000 bail pending his September court appearance. . . FLASH! . . . If you take pictures in the community, bring them by the SUN for possible use, and if all you have are negatives, we can do a limited amount of printing in our tiny darkroom. We're constantly looking for more photographs for our local news and rock and roll pages, and would like to see what you're doing. . . FLASH! . . . Here's an important message passed on to us by a freeky friend: If you plan to travel west this summer, especially hitchiking, beware of Colorado. As is Amerikan tradition, all that is not white and "respectable" is hidden or destroyed. In this case the target is "hippies." I just returned from jail in Boulder for picking up a hitchiker - caught in a trap similar to a speed trap - and want to spread the warning. Hitchikiiig is legal there, due to a loop-hole in the "law," BUT! (1) You cannot be on the roadway (roadway being fence to fence on an expressway or highway or up to the curb on any other road) and (2) you cannot stop your car on these roadways. You are taken straight to jail, Assembly line bonded at $50, and trial is about 1 month later. There are people in jail there waiting 30 days for trial for "walking on the wrong side of the road." The hassle with pigs is amazing, we were stopped in every town we went to. . . FLASH ! ... the Ann Arbor SUN is YOUR paper, and we urge everyone out there who's ever had an itching to pick up the typewriter and write to get down their raps and bring them by. We'd like to expand the local news section and cover everything that concerns all the different kinds of people that live in town. In order to grow properly the community needs Information, so that everyone will know what's going on and where they can fit in. If you come across anything that might be of interest, get it down on paper and bring it by our commune at 1520 Hill Street. Writing might seem like an impossible task, but if you just figure out what you want and DO IT, you'll find it a lot easier than you thought it would be....