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Essentially, Applerose is a grocery store with quality food. We're really tired of health food and special diet ripoff stores The primary concern of the decent cultural design should be to provide optimal opportunity for growth and development of the individual and consequently, groups too. ln order to do this, we have to improve the quality and integrity of the individual daily life. Food is a good place to start and its a good common ground for anybody to relate on and move toward the greater harmony. Everybody uses the good old grocery store in one way or another several times a week--its always been one of the primary focal points of the community everywhere in the world. So we bring the good stuff right down to everyone in the idiom of the community grocery.

Applerose isn't into any particular diet dogma. As it expands and grows over the months, it will serve the needs of people who get into all manner of special diets as well as folk who just want good, un-crapped-up, un-rippoff real food. The absence of non-food items and the standards of quality is all determined by simple regular sense and attention to nature rhythms.

If Applerose does okay it will expand into a whole earth truck/store with access to tools, books, supplies and implements relevant to developing a technology that harmonizes with our planet and enhances the development of all super swell goodness.

It's a mellow place, the grocery store Applerose, and it could go in lots of different directions and bring a lot of all kinds of people together. We hope that this grocery store concept will grow into all the communities again and thereby accelerate the changeover to the new order--the whole earth community, space ship earth.

phone 313-769-3040
404 west liberty street
ann arbor, michigan 48103