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Astrology is a tool--a technique for the study of Life-Cycles, a way of understanding these Life-Cycles with the intent of applying them to the significant turning points in your life. The Moon is the closest astrological body to us. We must reach out and learn from the example that is there. Try to apply the nature and movements of the Sun and Moon to your daily life. Coming to understand these wonderous inter-actions taking place is incredibly important as life is increasingly threatened by the lack of harmony between our mechanical world and living reality.

Life is relatedness. All things are in some form of relationship, whether it be static or dynamic. All these relationships have a beginning and an ending... with many phases in between. The angular relationship between the Sun and the Moon and the Earth can become the basic example of the waxing (build-up / accumulation) and waning (tearing-down / distribution) taking place in any Cycle of Relation.

The new Moon can be thought of as a time of seed plantation, the beginning of thought-action, when there is no Moon in the sky at night. From here until the new born half-moon is seen overhead at sunset (the first quarter), our thoughts, wishes and desires are being charged with a new impetus which must not become entangled in past failures and indecisions. Throw them off, because at this time, the nature of this particular thought-action Cycle is set, gaining solidarity and energy until the Full Moon, when the seed planted in the beginning comes to fruition.

At the Full Moon, a revelation can take place. You will know that the time for action has come. You must begin functioning on a level that others can relate to. Things become evident and must be put into practice as the Moon enters the waning half of the Cycle. Now comes the time of dissemination and sharing of our realizations and decisions with each other so that we may begin effectivly establishing new ways and means of really functioning with relevence.

At dawn, just before the Sun rises, the waning half-moon can be seen overhead. This marks the final quarter phase of the Cycle. At this point, we must begin completion of what we have been trying to achieve, and cut away that which has been found useless and ineffective. The Cycle is ending. We cannot have confusion and hesitation. The way that this Cycle ends will be the basis for the new thoughtseed released when the Sun and Moon reunite or conjunct.

Being able to harmonize with this great instrument, and vibrating with it can produce tremendous changes in your whole Life-Cycle. It moves you from the realm of the Ego, or "little me", into the world of "Multi-Relationship"--many people pulsing and vibrating in tune with each other rockin' on through the Universe.

Unfortunately, you can't eat words on paper, they don't make good clothes or shoes either. Know what sign the Moon is in. You don't need tables, just get out and observe the heavens -- it's all there. Know when to begin concentrating on something, when to begin a task. Realize that when something important happens in your life, the sign and phase of the moon can be the key to understanding just when and where and what will result.

Riding this kind of Cyclic Wave will sweep you out of that tremendous rutt we all seem to be in. Like some gigantic broken record with no reject button in sight. Kick the needle out of that groove through self-determination and the mellow/exciting feeling that you can make something real and true happen right now!!

Sisters and Brothers Relate!!

Dare to Struggle!!

Dare to Win!!

--Dave Ribble