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Mayday Grand Jury Snags

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The government's grand jury probe into Mayday activities and the bombing cf the J.S. CapĂ­tol building ran into a snag in Detroit last week.
Six witnesses appeared in front of the 23-member panel to be questioned by special U. S. attorney Guy Goodwin and five of the six refused to answer any questions. But the sixth witness - an Algerian national by the name of "El Hafsi Bouchareb" - decided to cooperate with attorney Goodwin's questions.
Bouchared was asked about the trips he had made around the country with another witness, Jan Silverman, who had previously refused to testify; Bouchared responded straight-forwardly that he was "in love" with Miss Silverman, and that his love for her was the reason he always wanted to be with her. Goodwin then asked Bouchared why he didn't marry Miss Silverman, and again Bouchareb responded quickly . He explained that he had proposed to her on six different occasions, but had been turned down each time.
Detroit attorney Buck Davis reports that Bouchareb's sincere answer to every question "seemed to turn the jury around. " Davis said that the 23 jurors had been sitting for three months, listening as witness after witness refused to testify. Suddenly, said Davis . an "element of humanness" was injected into the proceedings.
According to Buck, Bouchareb was dismissed - and then a number of the jurors turned on prosecutor Goodwin. They began to demand of him to explain how much wire-tapping the government had been involved in, and to reveal why it was asking so many questions of the witnesses. Said Davis: "The jurors really appear to be getting some consciousness."
The five other witnesses including Miss Silverman are scheduled to appear again on September 7th.
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