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Conga drum set wanted in good condition, must not be over $100.00. Call Bob at KE3-6179, Detroit. If not at home, then leave your number.

Free Karate or self defense teacher Is really needed for a sister. Call Ann Hoover at 761-1709.

GRIZZLY FURS--For the winter! Located at 343 Maynard St. (in the Hideout) from 10-6. Will repair old coats of Muskrat and Beaver--Chinese Mink and Pawlamb--$5-10. Recycles old furs priced for the people too!

Some of our young sisters and brothers have been taken from the streets and put in the Juvenille[(sic)] Detention Home on Platt Road. Let's send them materials (records for juke box, beads, macrame, etc.) to occupy their time so they don't go CRAZY! Also, if anyone had any type of record player they don't need- these kids NEED one. Bands that want to give these kids some live jams should come and ROCK 'EM OUT! Let's take care of each other. Call Bonnie at the Sun--761-1709.

Want to buy or sell musical equipment, equipment trucks, or anything concerning music? The SUN will now have a special music section in the free ads. Send all music ads to SRC, P.O. BOX 331, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48107.

WANTED: Bass Guitarist with own equipment. Experience preferred. Call Jot at 665-9301.

Good Rock 'N Roll band needs a house--with 6 bedrooms or more. Cali Ana Hoover at 761-1709.

Corntree is a center for participating parents and other friends to create and learn with young people (2-4 yrs.)--People interested in developing daytime communal child, and working with the potential of extended families. call Patty/Will--663-2687; Harry/Norma--761-1832; Lou/Sarah--769-0796; Bob/Karen--662-3592.

Jerry Green YELLOW CAB SERVICE--at your service! One half price - ask for #17--Monday thru Thurs. #35--Friday, Saturday. 5;00pm-7:00am. A People 's Taxi Driver--Right On!

Couple looking for a place to live either in Ann Arbor or Country. We are both working. Contact Marc or Margo at 618 Packard #3--across from Campus Corners--.

Need a place to live in September VERY cheep--like an unheated attic. Call Lynn at 761-5040.

FOR SALE--Used Raleigh Record Player, 21 1/2" frame, two broken spokes, otherwise in good condition. Price is negotiable. Call Joyce at 769-5115.

Just married, newly arrived Ann Arbor couple needs a place to live, cheep[(sic)]. Call Daryl at the R. P. P. house 761 1709

Applerose Natural Foods
Un-rip-off real food!
769-2352 9-6pm M-Sat