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FLASH! . . . SMALL TRICYCLE needed for tiny Rainbow son. Call 761-1709 or deliver to 1520 HUI St. (RPP house)... FLASH!...The A2 Peoples FOOD CO-OP has a new distribution point, the Lutheran Church on the corner of Hill & Forest, which will replace the Tri-House Co-op. Also, the Food Co-op has weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7:30 pm on the third floor of the S. A. B. Come on over if you are interested in working with us or have any suggestions about what we can do and would like to help implement them. We also need recipes to share with the brothers and sisters in the co-op. Bring any you have over to the SUN or cali them in at 761-1709...FLASH!... The YPSI FOOD CO-OP is now a reality thru self-determination. Take each $4.00 order to 127 College Place before Thursday night. Pick up the goodies at 501 N. Adams between 2 & 6 pm on Saturday. They need people to help bag the food plus they really need a van. For info, call Nancy at 482-5942...FLASH!... HELP our young sisters and brothers who have been taken from the streets & put in the Juvenile Detention Home on Platt Road. Let's send them materials such as records for their juke box, beads, macrame materials, etc. , to help occupy their time so they don't go CRAZY! Also, if anyone has any type of record player they don't need, these brothers and sisters do need one. Bands who want to kick out some live jams for the kids, please come and ROCK 'EM OUT! Let's take care of each other ! Call Bonnie at 761-1709...FLASH!... GO ORGANIC! This is peyote season so for the most natural of all psychedelic highs, check with your nearest sacraments dealer! Some helpful hints for eating peyote are as follows: Extract strychnine from the center of the fresh peyote buttons. The poison is white & fuzzy like a dry dandelion. Peel off the bottom layer (skin) which is brown - uncovering a bright yellow bottom. Mix the buttons with some apple juice and a peach in a blender. It is best to fast a day or two before eating peyote (fresh) to help eliminate any vomiting (after the stomach sickness passes the trip begins!). To eat dry buttons, just pull out all the strychnine and eat plain or grate and then sprinkle on ice cream; it's not bad...FLASH!... This is also the season for those little pests called FLEAS and they are searching for tasty subjects to plague. Some humans taste quite delectable so if you are prey for their supper, just change your flavor (it's true!) by supplementing your diet with small quantities of vitamin B-1. Another remedy that won't overwhelm you chemically is to wear a eucalyptus flea collar around your ankle. Many pet stores carry them. . OFF THE FLEAS!...FLASH... BUSINESS HOURS for the Rainbow House (communal headquarters and offices of the Rainbow People's Party, Ann Arbor SUN, and UP Rock and Roll Company) are from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. Please don't bang on our doors (unless it's something urgent of course, since there are workers here at all times) before or after then. People's Food Co-op especially please note: no biz before 10 am or after 10 pm...FLASH!... Sisters in Amerika today ARE NOT FREE to walk the streets alone after dark (& often not even in broad daylight) without the fear of being accosted, beaten, raped, and/or even murdered because of their sex. We women need to stomp out the oppressing, honkoid "chicks are helpless" ruse! Self-determination, self-preservation through self-defense!! Anyone with the time and the know-how of karate, please contact Ann Rain about getting together some powerful people's self-defense classes. 761-1709...FLASH!.. "COMPULSIVE CLEANLINESS IS BOURGEOIS. . . SANITATION IS A REVOLUTIONARY NECESSITY."--Che Guevara. . . The Home Health Handbook begins with this thought from Dr. Che and goes on to describe the health measures essential to open communal families. The authors are communards and doctors, mostly from the Burlington, Vermont, area. The book focuses on the problems faced by rural communes, but there is much that applies as well to city folk. It is a practical how-to manual for group health with topics ranging from sanitation and nutrition, first aid, and dental care, to pregnancy, VD and hepatitis. The book cost $2 to print, but for those who can't afford it, it's free from: HOME HEALTH HANDBOOK, c/o Beam, 152 Church St. , Burlington, Vt. 05401. ::LNS...FLASH!....IF YOU TAKE PICTURES in the community, bring them by the SUN for possible use, and if all you have are negatives, we can do a limited amount of printing in our tiny darkroom. We're constantly looking for more photographs for our local news and rock and roll pages, and would like to see what you're doing. Also the SUN NEEDS SALES PEOPLE very badly. There is a sign-up chart at our house for all brothers and sisters who would like to sell the SUN during 4 hour shifts at any one of three distribution points--S.U., the Diag, and State St.--for a 10 cent profit on each copy sold! Feel free to come by and SIGN-UP (see related story on page 15)...FLASH!... REMEMBER! The Ann Arbor SUN is YOUR paper, and we urge everyone out there who's ever had an itching to write to get down their raps and bring them by. We'd like to expand the local news section and cover everything that concerns all the different kinds of people that live in town. In order to grow properly the community needs information, so that everyone will know what's going on and where they can fit in. If you come across anything that might be of interest, get it down on paper and bring it by our commune at 1520 Hill St. Writing might seem like an impossible task, but if you just figure out what you want and DO IT, you'll find it a lot easier than you thought it would be. . . POWER TO THE PEOPLE'S PRESS!!