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"don't Smoke Dope--shoot Smack!" --state Police

"don't Smoke Dope--shoot Smack!" --state Police image
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"Don't smoke dope--shoot smack!" --State Police

The Michigan State Police undercover snake reefer repression apparatus has launched its fall offensive against class consciousness in the youth colony in the form of plenty of arrests of scrament distributors following a summer's worth of snake-like illegal entrapment activity designed to bust reefer dealers, make marijuana unavailable, promote the use of heroin, strike fear in the hearts of righteous reefer-toking freeks, and finally to stop the ever increasing coming together of young people into a life-form alien to the greed-head's plan for total death and destruction of the planet.

In keeping with Nixon's massive, multi-million dollar world-wide war against the benevolent communal weed and its millions of smokers, the Michigan State Police continue to co-operate with the Mafia-based death drug distribution apparatus while focusing the Michigan taxpayers' resources on busting as many small-volume, community-minded reefer dealers as possible.

Local manifestation of this anti-reefer, anti-people hysteria include the recent busts of Jack Helzerman of Ypsilanti and Barry Collins of Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. Jack was arrested some two weeks ago at his parent's home in Ypsi by undercover snake Richard Meloche of the Mich. State Police on a warrent for sales of marijuana. Agent Terry Bernae, famous for last year's Argus bust, was present at Jack's arrest. Under the alias "Ron," Meloche spent several months working to entrap Jack into allegedly participating in the sale of $20 worth of reefer. Jack is out on $1000 personal bond, which was set low because of his life-long residency here and his steady employment as a machinist. The taxpayers of this State paid several thousand dollars in the form of salaries to Meloche and his cohorts and other expenses all summer long for this arrest.

In the case of Barry Collins, State Police agents in Grand Rapids disguised as human beings, drove Barry to Ann Arbor allegedly to cop some marijuana, The snakes came out of their human skin as Barry allegedly completed the deal in their parked van. Barry is free on $1500 bond on a sales charge In Ann Arbor and on $2500 bond on a similar Grand Rapids charge.

These are only two of the many anti-marijuana busts that have been going down in Michigan recently. There are indications that State Police and local agencies are colluding to obtain several more warrents locally through the protracted illegal use of entrapment methods against sacrament distributors close to the community, and are continuing to spend the bulk of the resources allocated by the public to combat the drug problem, on repressing the youth colony through continuous harassment of its grass roots, work-a-day reefer dealers.

The Sun continues to urge all young people and other marijuana smokers to exercise caution in face of a hostile enemy who would rather see people die off on smack than get high. The Sun also urges all marijuana distributors to quit dealing with strangers who make you feel wierd and don 't get high even when they smoke it.