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Talkin' 'bout Ecology

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Talkin' 'bout Ecology

Mayor Harris of Ann Arbor has proclaimed September 19th-25th as Ecology Center Week, which will consist of a series of events and programs sponsored through the Ann Arbor Ecology Center.

A special attraction for this year's Ecology Center Week is the Walkathon, which the staff of the Center hopes will be a major fundraising event. The 12 mile Walkathon will be held on September 26th starting at 10 a. m. from the Ecology Center on Detroit Street, and will provide those who participate an opportunity to walk through their town and to help raise funds for the Ecology Center.

A second event planned for the opening day is a street closing in downtown Ann Arbor. Main Street, between Washington and William, will be closed to traffic from 2:00 p. m. to 9:00 p. m., and there will be displays of arts and crafts, music, and produce booths by farmers and organic gardeners. This is the beginning of an effort to push for the completion of the Main St. mall and similar malls in other appropriate places in town.

Methods of organic gardening and the development of Ann Arbor's Community Organic Garden will be the subjects of a combination open discussion and slide show on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 8 p. m. at the University Botanical Gardens on Dixboro Rd.

Thursday will be "Paper Recycling Day", beginning with a display by paper companies of some of the recycled paper now available, from 2 p. m. to 4 p. m. in the basement of the Ann Arbor Public Library. Representatives of the paper companies will be there to discuss their products with interested individuals and business firms or other major paper users. Thursday evening there will be a presentation of films and discussions of recycling techniques at 8 p. m. in the basement of the Friends Center Meeting House, 1420 Hill Street.

The Community Organic Garden on North Campus is the site for a community picnic at 5 p. m. Friday. The public is invited--bring your own picnic and join with others in enjoying the garden.

The final event of Ecology Center Week is a Bike Hike on Saturday, September 25. Everyone who owns or can borrow a bike is encouraged to join the group riding out from Farmer 's Market at 9 a. m., following a route mapped out by the Ann Arbor Bicycle League. Some parts of the route are already established bicycle routes, and others are being proposed by the Bicycle League as routes which should be set up by the city.

All events and programs of the Ecology Center Weeks are open to the public and are free of charge. Further information on any of the programs can be obtained from the Ecology Center, phone 751-3186.