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Brothers & Sisters

Just a thought or 2. The Sun is the best paper going, but you need more articles to show where the real power is. We must get our shit together. With the right to vote we can change the marijuana laws. Unite our strength behind people who will repeal them. I was busted in March of "70" for sales. It cost me $500.00 for a lawyer who told me to plead guilty to lesser the charge. But still a felony, $400.00 and 2 year probation. These people will never change the law that they are making money from We must not do what they want us to do i. e., smack and downers, if we do they will win.




Power to the Rainbow Nation!


Dear Sirs;

I have just read your advertisement in the Sunday paper. It only confirms my ideas about you and your communist-backed organization. You are like Cancer, you must be destroyed, or you will spread, killing everything that is good. You are like a weed, a bad fungus, in general, a pain in the ass. You twist facts around and make things seem as they are not. You tell one side of a story, your side, which is almost entirely false to begin with. You preach revolution, on the campus's, in the streets, in the factories, anywhere possible. You openly preach the violent destruction and overthrow of our democratic government. This is exactly what Mao Tse Tung and Marx want. The terrible irony of this is that you say you want democracy and freedom, when all you will get, going as you are, is communism and true oppression of the people. You really have to have your head up your ass if you think yours is the better way for the world.

You and your cohorts have bombed and destroyed many of our buildings, public and private, with bombs and the such. I have joined a group to combat you assholes. It is made up of the "silent majority". We will start by mugging, beating, raping, and if need be, killing your kind. We also have planned for the near future, several bombings, on your hippy-freak dress shops, in other words the drug dens etc. We are not going to take this "revolution" of yours sitting down. We will fight back violently. We will give you a taste of your own medicine.

You will hear from me again.


There is only one reason that Michigan does not have a new "Marijuana Bill." That is because Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert Richardson, Republican deliberately "Pigeon Holes" the bill every time it reaches his desk. He alone is "soley" "Responsible" for the "Bill" collecting dust.

It's too bad his home isn't picketed by the youngsters of his area. I hope the 18 year olds vote him out to pasture the next time he runs for office.

I pay taxes to the City of Dearborn and have already wrote a letter of protest to my state Senator Patrick McCollough in regards to Robert Richardsons' actions. I wrote my letter of protest from Jackson. I'm now in the W. C. Jail awaiting trial on a Civil Matter involving my 6 year old daughter.

I'm sorry I can't send any money. I also filed an Indigent Plea to fight my "Marijuana Conviction" on which I received 5 to 10 years for 3 sticks, from Judge R. Moher, Circuit Court on May 26, 1971. My own "paid" lawyer refused to fight the case, now I can't afford a 10 cent phone call. My cell mate gave me the envelope and paper to write to you. I'm trying to obtain council Oneil Fisk, if he will accept or not? Also, Justine Ravitz has a beautiful appeal in a Pontiac case involving "Pot. " Thank you for reading my letter.

Respectively yours:

Leland C. Stephens

Ward 505 Wayne County Jail

Jackson #94342