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Ozone House provides counseling services speciflcally aimed at runaway youths and their families. Workers talk with the youth about home/family and school hassles in an attempt to find out what made the situation so intolerable the youth felt forced to leave. Upon the youth's request we can have a family session and open up communication between the youth and his/her family, often for the first time. Should things not work out, the possibility of a foster home can be discussed. Working with Catholic social services, youths can be placed in temporary foster homes while things are being worked out. Emphasis is also put on averting the need to run away. Other social agencies often have six week waiting lists. At Ozone, no appointments are necessary and immediate attention can be paid to a family crisis situation. Though the biggest part of Ozone's work is runaway counseling, Ozone House realizes the need to be available for youths in the community to come in and discuss problems they may be having. Ozone counselors are available during house hours, 9 am-1 am and anytime after that on an emergency basis. Temporary crashing is another service Ozone provides, nearly 1,000 non-minors were crashed by Ozone this summer. Ann Arbor Network, an information service is also run through Ozone House. CallĀ 769-6540.