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There are nine Newsreel collectives in North America. We distribute films made by revolutionary filmakers around the world as well as those that national Newsreel produces. Ann Arbor Newsreel has existed since June this summer although we have operated as a Newsreel film distribution center since fall 1969. During the past year we have concentrated on building our film library and solidifying our film distribution throughout the state as well as in the community. We now have an office at 211 S. State St. that we share with Polis Literature. Our tasks include identifying and analysing the struggles that are taking place and hopefully initiating struggles where none exist. Our main emphasis now is organizing Newsreel showings in working class communities across the state and developing our filmmaking skills to produce the first film from the Ann Arbor chapter.

However we are overworked and need new people interested in making and using films around the daily struggles that people are faced with in an oppressive society. Newsreel work requires a strong commitment to changing the reality of Amerikan society and the willingness to struggle through criticism and self-criticism to make us stronger and more effective. If you are interested in becoming active in Ann Arbor Newsreel come over to the office any day between 9:30AM and 6:00 PM or call 769-7353.