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Youth Liberation

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Youth Liberation is an organization that believes young people should control their own destiny. Right now we're working to end the Ann Arbor curfew laws, and also to organize student unions in the city's schools. In order to serve the youth community, we are also:

*publishing Youth Rising, a revolutionary paper that will be distributed in the Ann Arbor schools

*writing and distributing literature on on a number of subjects of interest to youth, such as running away, junior high and high school organizing, high school women, and legal rights of youth

*working with CHIPS, the Cooperative High School Independent Press Syndicate, a national organization that helps high school and junior high school students who are publishing underground papers

*getting together a library of revolutionary literature which people in the community can read and study

*working with FPS, a bi-weekly news and information service for youth in the United States and Canada.

You can reach us by calling 769-1442 or writing to Youth Liberation, co 2007 Washtenaw Ave. Ann Arbor 48104