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The Radical Independent Party was formed in December 1970 as a serious alternative to the Democratic and Republican -parties, who are unwilling to advocate the far reaching economic and social changes necessary to deal with the problems facing America today. With the constitutional amendment giving 18 year olds the vote and the recent Michigan Supreme Court decision allowing students to vote in the counties in which they go to school we hope to bring about some radical changes using the electoral system. This is especially possible in cities like Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti where young people make up a near majority of the population. We have recently affiliated with a statewide third party named the Human Rights Party and through work with them plan to get on the statewide ballot. Other important RIP activities include supporting working people involved in strikes and continuous agitation for programs contained in RIP's platform such as free government financed childcare and health facilities, highly progressive income taxation an all levels, and community control of the police and other city services. Register to vote and join RIP. Office -- 1st floor Michigan Union. Phone--761-6621.