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The Rainbow People's Party is an organization working to serve the people; to build an alternative to the society we are living in by organizing people in our community. A good way of relating to a lot of people is through a newspaper, which is an information outlet for local and national news.

The Rainbow People's Party started publishing the Sun, which is an alternative to the honkoid press that tends to distort the truth and doesn't deal with the needs of our people. We NEED to get information out to our brothers and sisters about what is going on in our community, how we can change it, what alternatives there are for a better life style and how our colony of people can survive without being ripped off by imperialists that make their money off of our culture.

In order for the Sun to keep coming out WE NEED brothers and sisters to sell the Sun on the streets. If paper sales continue to stay low, with no funds coming in to pay for printing, it's going to be impossible to keep the paper going.

It's extremely important that the Sun is sold in an organized way, so it reaches ALL the people. The way it is set up is by having specific sales points in Ann Arbor where the majority of people pass by during the day. These places are State St., S. U. and the Diag. If brothers and sisters are stationed at these points at specific times, the people will know that that is where they can buy the Sun. Once there are established points for sales, people will be able to buy Suns regularly without having to run around to find copies. In an economic sense, Sun sales help you too! The Sun, sold regularly, will raise the amounts of sales giving you 10¢ a copy. Many brothers and sisters can support themselves selling newspapers, and many do. This again is an alternative to working in honkoid restaurants, stores, factories, etc.

The Sun contains national news, local news, survival information, self-determination, community services, etc. It's TIME for US to be working together to build up our culture, a new culture, a LIFE CULTURE. Brothers and sisters interested in selling the please contact Bonnie at the Ann Arbor Sun-- 761-1709.