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Revolutionary Letter No. 42

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what is this "overpopulation" problem, have you looked at it, clearly, do you know ten times as much land needed if we eat hamburger, instead of grain, we can all fit, not hungry, if we minimize our needs, RIP OFF LARGE, EMPTY RANCHES, make the food worth eating: chemical fertilizers have to go, nitrates poison the water; large scale factory farming has to go, the soil is blowing away (300 years to make one inch of topsoil) do you know 40% of the women of Puerto Rico already sterilized, transistor radios the "sterilization bonus" in India; all propaganda aimed at non-white and poor white populations (aid denied countries who won't institute "birth control") something like 90% of the land of USA belongs to 57 of the population how can they hold on when the hordes of the infants of the very poor grow up, grow strong

--Diane DiPrima