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Eat To Get High

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by Jeanie Walsh

(ed. note: The following article is the first in a series which we hope will provide some badly needed information about growing and taking care of our bodies.)

Food is a fuel just like any other fuel: it's consumed by a mechanism that won't run efficiently and smoothly without it. The thing that's different about food as a fuel is that the mechanism it feeds -- your body -- is a highly specialized, complex and delicately balanced one. Just like water in the gas tank slowly destroys a car's engine, skonk food slowly destroys your body. Both the car and your body keep going for a while but eventually neither runs too well. The drag is that bodies are a lot harder to repair than cars and you only have one body. It's up to you to take care of it.

Living in Amerika makes it pretty hard to do that. The most readily available food is the worst for you. Take a trip to the grocery any Saturday and watch the carts roll out! It's disgusting that they callĀ all that sugared, dyed, preserved, canned skonk, food! Then think about all the weird diseases people get. You can't just skonk down and expect to stay well forever.

Most all food found today in groceries is lacking in nutrition. The methods of processing masses of food for long storage and shelf life removes just about everything nutritional and leaves behind little else than starchy bulk. The only concern the food industry has in processing food is to do it as cheaply as possible so the profits are greater. What's really weird is that those in control of the giant food Corporation are poisoning themselves as well.

With the food scene as it is there's a huge demand for vitamins and food supplements, most all of which are made from chemicals rather than natural substances. So of course people are less healthy. Here's where the the medical profession all get together. The food industry profits by providing the agents of destruction, the doctors and hospitals are there ripping you off while providing you with their cure for your unnecessary illness, and the drug companies supply the drugs and chemicals necessary to both operations. They just keep raking in the bread fromĀ those who are sick and oppressed.

The poorest people are also the sickest because they live their lives in the dirtiest, most oppressed conditions of all, and of course junky potato chips, hot dogs and pork & beans have always been cheap.

It's important to develop a consciousness about food on a basic level. You don't have to do any heavy trips with it so that it takes all your energy just getting your food thing together everyday, all it takes is knowing what nutrients your body needs and what foods contain those nutrients. The only other thing is to know where to obtain the most natural foods in your area so that you can get those nutrients in the purest form possible. Then just figure out what balance of what foods feels best for you, wholesome food I guess you could say.

The important thing is that if you don't get sick you don't have to spend much energy dealing with you body because it pretty much takes care of itself if it's healthy. That leaves a whole lot more energy for your head to deal with problems more clearly, and therefore, enables you to be more productive.

I'm going to try and get together some information about food for the Sun; what certain nutrients do, herbal remedies, poisons in food, recipes, where to buy good food at good prices and any thing else I can think of or you can think of to help educate more brothers and sisters about food. Any Information you have to contribute can be left at Mark's Coffee House in the evenings. Ask for Jeanie.

Power to the People' s Food Stores and Co-ops !