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When we first started publishing the Ann Arbor SUN last May 1, we decided that it should come out weekly, The community needed a regular source of alternative news and information, and there was definitely enough of it to enable us to fill a weekly paper with useful material. But by last July it became apparent that we were dealing with too much at one time, that we were engaged in too many other vital activities to allow us to continue producing the SUN every week. So we announced in the paper that we were going bi-weekly, and would resume our regular weekly schedule on September 10, after the students had returned.

Well, September 10 has passed and we find it necessary to continue biweekly publication of the SUN. Brother John Sinclair's right to appeal bond has been denied by the Michigan Supreme Court and we now have to work even harder and longer to bring John back from the clutches of the death culture; not to mention dealing with Genie's recent busts and Pun, Skip, and Jack still in jail and prison. We are also still in the midst of finding exit where we will love in the near future, hassling with landlords and landladys and trying to raise money for a house. All this, plus the continuing operation of the ever-expanding People's Food Coop and our other work with the Ann Arbor Tribal Council, just makes it impossible for us to deliver what we promised at this time.

Another factor in the situation is that we have still not involved enough people in the SUN to expand it as it should expand. One of our biggest problems is distribution; there just aren't enough people selling the SUN on the streets; we need more salespeople. The more distribution we get, the more money we have to expand the number of pages, add more color, and eventually go weekly again. Anyone interested in selling the SUN can pick up papers at 1520 Hill St. - they come back from the printer every other Friday morning, and you make 10 cents for each copy you sell. The SUN is YOUR paper, and the more use you make of it the better it'll be. Send us articles, artwork, photos, your criticisms; come over and help us lay out the paper every other Tuesday-Wednesday.

David Fenton, RPP