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Andy WinerParap han elia '1 think it's really ridiculous for him to be in jail for so long. They say they put him in because of the dope, but they really feel he's a radical. He's against the society of the straights. It was a great way to put him away. Bob BrownSocial Worker "I think he was primarily denied bond because he's in no other category than everyone else young a politica! prisoner. And political prlsoners, as Agnew and the administration are saying must be locked up, and must not be let out, irregardless of what laws have to be violated. Thls is the price one pays to question the wrongs of American capitalistic society. It's something to expect. If you expect it, you can deal with it. GaĆ­l Burke"I was interested in him because he used to be in Marquette Prison and I grew up in Marquette. I asked different people who worked at the prison what they thought of him and one guard, a typical Marquette redneck, said he was an animal, but refused to discuss it with me. I heard last week about the bail deal, and I thlnk it's disgusting. Nobody deserves to stay In prlson for marijuana. Steve Crafton Salesman " I feel that It's just really gone too far, it reallyhas. I Can 't say that I'm into all that Sinclair 's intq but they're just fucking wlth hlm because he's got some power and he's got some people behlnd hlm. AppleseedDancer " I feel people in society are just afraid of those they don 't understand or agree with. They have to have people who agree with them to feel comfortable. So wlth people who aren 't similar to them, instead of acceptlng them and appreciating their differences, they lock up. They don 't have to see themselves, what they're afraid to see.