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FLASH ! . . . THANKS to the brother who donated the tricyole to Sunny. . . FLASH ! . . . Jackson Prison has adopted a NEW DRESS CODE: prison inmates (among them brother John Sinclair) can wear anything they want now. Colors, bells, etc! Rightonü Anyone who has some X-Large clothing they would like to give to John (he needs warm sweaters and pants especially) drop them by the RPP house. . . FLASH ! ... We learned from a university drug expert that there is NO POISON in peyote buttons! There are, however, 30 to 40 different alkaloids (at last oounQ in peyote which will not harm you, but may make you sick to your stomach. The alkaloids are not centralized in any part of the button so you don 't need to clean any part out. Peyote is NOT dangerous, only discomforting. . . FLASH ! . . Wipe out the household SNORER ! Just whlsüe a nice tune and they 11 stop. . FLASH ! . . . Any ideas for the Peoples Dairy Co-op? Cali Bruce Wilcox at 764-7912. Also cali this number if you have ideas for a People's Meat Co-op. . . FLASH!... ON SEPTEMBER 4, if you were to have purchased a food co-op order through the A&Pon Huron, you would have paid at least $8. This doesn't include the extra stuff you can piek up from the "surplus" pile. The feast included a baby watermelon, cantaloupe, lettuce, cabbage, plums, corn, eggs, potatoes, onions, acorn squash, bananas, cucumbers, green and pinto beans, tomatoes, and green peppers. SEE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING? ! ! For $4. you get two full bags of goodies. Why pay more for less? For more info cali 761-1709 or come to the Wednesday night meetings, 7:30 pm on the third floor of the Student Activities Buüding. . . FLASH ..BUSINESS HOURS for the Rainbow House (communal headquarters and offices of the Rainbow People's Party, Ann Arbor SUN and UP Rock and Roll Company) are from 10 am til lOpm. Please don 't bang on our doors (unless it's something urgent of course, since there are workers here at all times) before or after then. Peoples Food Co-op participante especially please note. . . FLASH ! . . . Anyone interested in an alternative education resources project can contact Karin at 763-3548 afternoons. . . FLASH ! . . . DRUG HELP is in constant need of new people who want to help the many, many of our sisters and thers in need of help because of drug problems. Meetings for people who are new to the program are every Wednesday nite at 7pm in the Homer Heath Lounge on the third floor of the Union. Please help genérate interest and ideas for this program even if you can 't participate fully yourself. . . FLASH ! ... The SUN süll NEEDS SAL ESP EOPL E very badly. There is a sign-up chart at our house for all brothers and sisters who woiüd like to sell the SUN during 4-hour shifts at any one of three distribution points --S.U. , the Diag, and State St.- for a 10 L profit on each copy sold! Feel free to come by and SIGN-UP. . . FLASH !...REMEMB ER! The Ann Arbor SUN is YOUR paper, and we urge everyone out there who's ever had an itchinK to write to get down their raps and bring them by. We'd like to expand the local news sectíon and cover everything that concerns all the different kinds of people who live in town. In order to grow properly the community needs information, so that everyone will know what's going on and where they can fit in. If you come across anything that might be of interest, get it down on paper and bring it by our commune at 1520 Hill St. Writing might seem like an impossible task, but if you just figure out what you want and DO IT, you 11 find it alot easier than you thought it would be. Also, we're constanüy looking for more photographs for our local news and rock and roll pages, and would like to see what you 're doing ( if you have negatives, we can do a limited amount of printing in our üny darkroom) . . . POWER TO THE PEOPLES PRESS! !