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Indian Summer Natural Foods

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Indian Summer Natural Foods Restaurant will be opening within the next few weeks making an outrageous improvement on what used to be the Virginian Restaurant on State Street. For the community this should raise the conscious level of the people to get up with grains, fresh vegetables, soups and fruit juices instead of the Skonk we've been going down with.

It will be out of sight - open from 11:00 to 11:00 so the people can get good food every day except Sunday. The menu is so far out - offering a really right on meal of grain, vegetables, soup, tempura, beans, bread and tea for about $2.00. A wide range of individual taste delights are available for the people at peoples prices. The baked goods will be supplied by Harmony Bakery, another of the peoples small organizations getting started. Organic fruits and vegetables will be used whenever they can be purchased from local markets The grains will all be organic with the use of natural spring water in preparing the japanese oriental cookery. Fresh organic juices will be served; no more cokes, vernors, root beer or the usual restaurant carbonated sugar sweet Amerikan beverages.

The people opening Ann Arbor's first completely Natural Foods Restaurant are really interested in turning people on to nutritous food instead of the usual skonk served throughout the Ann Arbor community. Ken King with the help of brothers and sisters from Ann Arbor has been working tediously to clean and prepare the old Virginian for an opening with a full moon if that is at all possible.