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George Jackson Shot In Back

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The official coroner's report on the shooüng death of Soledad Brother George Jackson, which was released thls wede, dlrecüy contradicts the account of George 's murder as previously ported by prison officials. Marin County Coroner, Dr. Donovan O. Cooke reported tliat the fatal bullet struck Jacksor. in the micküe of hls back, broke two ribs, traveled up his spine and finally exited through the top of hls skull. This account is in direct contradiction to earller prison reports which said that Jackson was shot from above, and hit In the top of the head, by a guard shooting from a 20-foot high tower. Mrs. George Jackson charged soon after the shooting that George wasmurdered by the guards inside who then dragged his body into the courtyard box canyon where, the prison officials said, he was trying to escape. Also last week, John Thorne, attorney for Brother George, produced a deposition which was sworn to by inmate Allen Mancino. Accordlng to the sworn statement, Mancino was asked by prison officials to help kill Jackson in January of 1970. The typed, notarized statement reports that Mancino was taken from his prison cell while blindfolded and met with two prison guards, who asked him because they "did not want another Eldridge Cleaver. " Mancino identified one of the volees as belonging to the captain of the prison guards, Charles Moody. He said he refused to take part in the plot. Mancino, who was in the adjustment center on the day of the San Quentln killings, was quickly and mysteriously transferred to Nevada State Penitentiary six days after George's murder - and has been under heavy guard ever since. Prison leaders have declined to comment on the charges in the deposition made by Mancino as we go to press.