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Where Do We Go?

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Where Do We Go?

Five weeks ago there were brothers and sisters getting high from music and each other -- then silence, as summer ended. Now the quiet at Dianna Oughton Memorial Park has stopped with sounds of bulldozers, steam shovels and construction workers. This is all part of a city recreation project to "beautify" land from the Arb to Geddes Dam by making hiking trails and bicycle paths.

This all means that our concerts will have no home next summer. Jim Hudak, city administrative assistant, says no alternative site has been investigated by the city, although the land behind Pioneer High is a possibility. But this is doubtful because of a city ordinance preventing concerts in residential areas.

Also hindering finding a spot is Governor Milliken's law about no longer being able to hold rock and roll concerts on state land. Hudak states that he cannot guarantee anything but has not given up. Many civic leaders agree with Hudak that the concerts should go on if nothing else but to "appease" the city's youth community.

Says police Lt. Robert Conn, the ideas are to serve the needs of the immediate community. "As long as we keep talking and keep blood off the streets we've won." We wonder what we've won by tieing each other up in talk so all we have is tangles. If anybody has any ideas of land where concerts can continue, contact the SUN, 761-1709.

-- Kathy Kelley