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Alice Bron, psychologist: I share the depression and sense of lethargy about doing demonstrations, but they really have to happen. It's just hard to to give up the fantasy of being effective. Change is slow. It's hard to do demonstrations with exultation, to find the energy to keep it up. I'm down because the fantasy isn't real, but slow change is.

Liz Symonds, student: I'd be surprised if the moratorium would be as effective as the one two years ago. It would need something stimulating like an invasion. People are saying we've marched in the streets and rallied -- with little effect -- so why should we fire up again. I'd like it to be effective.

Dave Sargaun, Maoist: The purpose of a march is to display ideology. It's like living theater where the actors-marchers tell the audience what they want them to know. There are also critics not favorable to what the players are doing. These critics are often the factory workers and man-on-the-street who aren't "educated" to understand. Voice chants only go so far. The reasons behind them aren't explained during the march. So much depends upon advertising about the march's platform.

Thunderbolt Yancy Derringer: The march will shake up people but not the one's who should be. Nixon won't listen, he'll probably have a barbeque in his backyard. Moratoriums go through liberal hands but the people that get drawn in are radical. People gotta get self-determination but they aren 't going to get it by going to some rally.

Matt Bass, student: It seems very frustrating, I mean it's been eight years. The reason the de-escalation is happening is because the war had begun to affect middle Amerika's pocketbook. They really don 't even care about the effects of war. They're the ones the government is responding to -- not the protests.