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Junior and Senior High School students throughout the country are beginning to demand that they be treated as human beings, and Ann Arbor is no exception. But local students realize that idle threats and all the righteous complaints in the world will not change anything. So a group of them are presently organizing a Student Union (a group of students united to work for changes at the school). When the students have united into an identifiable body, then they will have a vehicle through which they will be able to lobby for, insure, and protect their interests. I

It is hoped that the Union will be a democratically run body, with all decisions made at mass meetings where anyone and everyone attending is allowed to vote.


It is hoped that the union will be a United front of all the students. Already the Union has been recognized at the High Schools and hopefully will soon be recognized at the Junior Highs.

Anyone interested can contact the Youth Liberation Front at 769-1442. Watch the SUN for more news and information.