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Last week the Office of Student Services (OSS) released a proposal calling for a $250,000 University funded loan towards the establishment of a parent-controlled day-care center. This proposal was released only to stir discussion in the community. After more information has been gathered a formal proposal will be given to the executive officers for consideration.

The proposal includes provisions for several small day-care centers whose services would be available to all those in the University and Ann Arbor communities. According to this proposal all the initial costs in setting up such centers would be paid by the University as well as providing the now existing Child Care Action Center, which has had to move 4 times in the past 15 months, with a permanent facility, rent and maintenance for 2 years. Last year the Regents rejected the proposal for a University/City day-care center saying there wasn't any funds or space available.

Presently existing day-care centers in the city accommodate 3,300 children. It is believed that there are about that many within the University student community alone and another 3,000 children in the city who need care. This leaves all the University faculty and employee's children unaccounted for.

With the urgency of the problem becoming more evident Vice-President Knauss and coordinators of the Child Care Action Center are both hopeful that the regents will accept this proposal and the much needed facilities can then be provided.