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föl, ANN ARBOR TRIBAL COUNCIL _ TUESDAY-OCT. 19 IN THE UNION BALLROOM I 750pm 1 On Tuesday the 19th in the Union Ballroom, the I lilll " " I The entire community is invlted to attend and Tribal Council will present to the community Musíc aad Baliroom Committee lend ideas and energy and criticism. There what it sees as an outline f or the kind of commDefense Committee will be time allotted to break into committees unity services that will be and are already avH d Drnor„ r -H and make future plans. Or just come and listen ailable in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. There is rugs ommmee and ask questions j find out whatis going on a good possibility that within the next couple L1$ Committee '##$, so you can participate more in the future. We of weeks we will be working out of a CommunArtists' Workshop Comraittee are sti11 ■'ust beSinninS to define ourselves as ity Center, a building of our own, which will ' a people and to come up with alternatives to the include offices for different functions, a PeoISlEÉsiSíi:;:; Food Committee dying culture in power now. ple's Ballroom, and artists1 workshop space. Houlfjiommittee i-i-ïïio Much work is needed, time and energy of our : Health Committee people to get this all together. The commitH;S: MMLÉÍM rrtWW4t+ao Support the People's Programs! tees are all People's Committees and include: 1 WM&Z Communications tommmee j Come to the Tribal Council Community Meetingl 1 - ' I [ SUPPORT THE PEOPLE S PROGRAMS j , G0O05ONGfnSHAVO J V S