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1 , ■■■■■■■■■■ É f V' Mft B W M V V ff vH ■Mr % l J ■■■I W M -- ___ __ _ _ r n Ibh Vk % [jÉi h If-Uy 'WP jL JÚ - w rnrf fA lr A JF f Vh w A BHb 'V 1 ■ r - lAVr D t'fe ƒ V flVrl Br JBflr gÊf ■■" I H L BBBr - ""' BBtf VI r jÉp ft In an economie sense, selling the SUN helps you ! Many brothers and sisters can support themselves selling the SUN, and many do, by selling it regularly. This is an alternative to working in honkoid restaurants, stores, factories, etc. The SUN contains national news, local news, survival Information, self-determination, community services, etc. It's TIME for US to be working together to build up our culture, a new culture, a LIFE culture.' Contact Bonnie at 1520 Hill St. to get your papers, or cali 761-1709. ...AND SUBSCRIBE! One Year (26 -$3. 75 Two Years (52 issues)--$7. 50 NAME , , STREET CITY STATE ZIP Send to: ANN ARBOR SUN, 1520 Hill St. , Ann Arbor, Mi. 48104