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July 26, 1971

Dear NDCM Friends:

The accompanying appeal from the Committee to Free John Sinclair represents, we feel, an issue and a personality which are important to, but have been neglected by the New Democratic Coalition of Michigan over recent years.

John Sinclair is blatantly a political prisoner. He is the victim of a system which used Michigan's repressive marijuana laws to rid itself of a political activist.

NDCM has oppossed the militaristic, racist elements in American society; so has John Sinclair and his Rainbow People ( formerly White Panthers ).

NDCM has oppossed repression in American society -- but nearly always from the outside, far removed from any actual threat of repression ourselves. We have supported the release of Angela Davis, the Berrigan Brothers, the Chicago Seven, the Detroit Fifteen, and other victims of our peculiar system of "justice," but we have neglected the most most innocent and most victimized of America's political prisoners, right here in our own state - John Sinclair.

We urge you to respond to this appeal from a brother in need.

Peace, Alan and Susan Jones