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Free John Now!

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BUMPER STICKER .25 Flaming red and yellow FREE JOHN SINCLAIR & LEGALIZE MARIJUANA bumperstickers

BUTTON .25 Same design as T-Shirt, large

POSTER .75 FREE JOHN NOW! poster printed on stock paper in red, yellow, and green

T-SHIRT 2.50 Bright yellow shirts with FREE JOHN NOW! silkscreened in red towering over a green marijuana leaf. State size as either small, medium, or large

PAMPHLET .50 THE MARIJUANA REVOLUTION" A 24 page pamphlet by John Sinclair The Whole Marijuana Story!

NEWSPAPER .25 "FREE JOHN NOW" Supplement to the Ann Arbor Sun SUN

How To Order

Send cash, check, or money order to: JOHN SINCLAIR FREEDOM FUND "FREE JOHN NOW" 1520 Hill St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104

If your'e ordering T-Shirts, be sure to specify size (small, medium, or large). Please allow at least 2 weeks f or delivery