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Tuesday night, October 19, was the first Tribal Council Community Meeting since last year. It was at the Union Ballroom and despite the fact that advertising was horribly lacking, enough people had heard about it and showed up to make it a success for everyone. The meeting was jointly chaired by Matt Lampe and Genie Plamondon. A short presentation was given first about the Fisher Cadillac Building which will be transformed into a Community Center ( including a People's Ballroom ) this winter by the people of our community. We then proceeded to talk about the nine People's Committees that the Tribal Council had agreed were needed to deal with the problems, needs and desires that we face every day. Following are the People's Committees : Music and Ballroom, Defense, Hard Drugs, Education, Artists' Workshop, Food, Housing, Health, and Communications. The next Community Meeting is being planned for November 16th -- anyone interested in any way should attend and be a part of it -- each of the committees encompasses as wide a range of organizations and individuals as is agreed on by the participants, so come and join what is already happening, or propose something new.

After each presentation by different people involved, there was a time for questions and answers. At the end of the meeting we broke up into different committees and had smaller meetings in different parts of the room.

It was emphasized that we want to continue having these community meetings on some kind of regular basis. A lot of good ideas were expressed. Maybe we could have them once a month alone with pot luck dinners. It was also emphasized that people should come even if they don't have the time or desire to work directly on any of the committees; people should feel free to come and hear what's going on and give their ideas and cirticisms or just come and listen. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, especially on the Community Center, building offices for the different organizations that will be in there and preparing the People's Ballroom for the extensive use it will be getting for sure. The Tribal Council and the Community Meetings are laying the basis for a strong community that actually does meet our needs because we are defining and doing it ourselves -- watch the SUN for future info -- come to the community meetings and -- LET IT GROW! l ! RAIN BOW POWER TO THE PEOPLE! ! !