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Last June Gene Glasdtone and Dave Gordon of the Ann Arbor Coalition to End the War began taking steps towards having an anti-war half time this Oct. 30 during the Michigan vs Indiana game. As part of a national action speaking out against U. S. occupation in Southeast Asia. The coalition circulated a petition which about 1500 people including two thirds of the football team signed. When the overwhelming community support for the anti-war half-time was shown by the results of the drive, a standoff between band leader George Cavendar, his all-male marching band , university officials on the one hand the AACEW on the other , developed over the issue about whether this presentation would be permitted. The band voted against the presentation saying they would not have time to prepare although they have already done anti-war half-times, some on national television. Cavendar never did allow Dave Gordon to make a presentation to the band in order to explain the importance of all people uniting to speak out against the brutal slaughter of the people of Southeast Asia The half-time refusal caused reactions in the national news media because of its blatant unfairness in not allowing the peoples voice to be heard. Seems this caused some reconsiderations, with the University finally agreeing to let the anti-war half-time happen. Still concerned about right-wing opinion of the public University President Robben Fleming spoke of his concern about the university's public image. Secretary of the University, Richard Kennedy, said he was not sure that political demonstrations should be mixed with football. "Its almost like presenting guerrilla theatre during an intermission at Power Center. " Well, Richard, I have to say Right On to this statement. Oct. 30 at the Michigan vs Indiana game a statement will be heard beginning first, with the marching band by itself then playing taps while 40 Vietnam Veterans release black balloons symbolyzing all those persons who have lost their lives in the Asian struggle. Let's use the theme of this years homecoming "Let's work together to end the war" to its fullest.