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QUESTION: DO YOU SMOKE MARIJUANA? Norma Shuster, student. Yes I do. It's fun and it makes everything else a little more interesting than it really is. Things are mediocre fore and turn out really good after. When I smoke I get into different moods that are really fascinating one way or the other really silly and having a complete good time or really serious and I will think out all sorts of things, things that come to me are like revelations but they probably aren't really deep. Karen Gland, student. I don 't smoke because I don 't feel I need it because I have a great imagination, if I want to get into a mood or something I can naturally do it. I have tried it but I didn't feel it did anything that exciting for me. I can get really up without it. I wouldn't condemn anyone for not doing it because it is strictly an individual thing. I don't feel that people who do smoke it should convert other people. I don 't mean they shouldn't say it's good but I don't think they should proselytize. Mrs. Wols, lives at Chi Omega sorority. No, I tried it one time but I don 't know how to smoke any kind of cigarette so it didn't do anything to me. I just smoked two or three tokes. I don't have any desire to smoke it, but I don't have anything against people who want to smoke it. Steve Wyatt, I think it's cool, but if anything I have to put it into the same light as liquor. Too many people depend on it. I have seen too many people hassle themselves and go into it deeper, just like I have seen the same thing with a lot of older people and liquor. Anything in moderation I think is good. Hal Benham, 1 smoke it because it makes me feel better about a lot of hings. When smoke marijuana it gives me a different perspective. t has really changed a lot of things. Basically I look at things with more feelings. I relate to the beauty of a lot more things. I do it when I want to have a heightened awareness of what's going on. Before I started doing it I didn't even think at all. I came from Indiana. When I was a freshman in the dormitory I was just mere existing. I can 't tell if that was he main thing but it's changed my life in a better way. . .