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After over a year of talking about a community center in Ann Arbor, it is finally going to be a reality. The City has decided to buy the Fisher Cadillac building, 500-510 E. Washington street, and rent half of it to be a community center. Planned now to be in the center are Drug Help, Ozone House, the Free People's Clinic all from the house at 302 E. Liberty street, plus the community center project which will include such things as a People's Ballroom ( where any money made would go to support the community center instead of into someone's pocket ), the Matrix, an alternative education resource center, and an Artists's Workshop and crafts area. The Center will be operated by a group made up of those Tribal Council organizations. The building is quite large, with room to expand the Free Clinic, so that it is faster and can do more health education and soon some dental work also. The Ballroom will be about 3000 square feet, or about two-thirds the size of the Union Ballroom. There is much work to be done however to make this center a reality. Besides general clean-up and painting of a building that has been sitting vacant, alot of walls have to be built, a new floor and ceiling have to go into the ballroom, and some plumbing, heating and electrical work has to be done , too. To make this a real community center, everybody will have to participate in building the center, whether you have building skills or not, The chance to make the dream a reality is now. This specific site for a community center is only available for two years. However, if a community center can do what we've dreamed about, it will not die after two years; it will move. But we have to do it now, as the opportunity presents itself . ff you are interested in working, drop by the building and contact the Ann Arbor Network. People's Committees for the ballroom and the workshop areas are now being formed to help in running the community facilities.