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The U.N. General Assembly voted October 25, 1971, to expel Chiang Kai-Shek's regime and admit the People's Republlc of China to the United Nations.

By a vote of 76 to 35, with 17 abstentions, the U.N. recognized representatives of the People's Republic as "the only legitimate representatives of China."

The General Assembly exploded into cheers and applause when the vote was announced in the people's favor. Tanzanians, wearing Chinese work clothes, jumped up and down laughing and danced a jig. The Syrians, Indians, Pakistanis, Cubans and Albanians stood up laughing and throwing their fists into the air, while the Europeans cheered, albeit, a little less enthusiastically.

When Reis Malile, the Albanian Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs began speaking by saying the decision was "a great defeat for the United States." George Bush, the U. S. ambassador jerked off hls earphone and threw them at the desk before him.

"The United Nations has become a farce - some nations behaved as in a circus, " said Foreign Minister Chow Shukai of Chiang Kai-Shek's self-proclaimed nation of Chinese people.

"We have been very patient, " Chow said. "The U.N. has deteriorated. It is no longer the organization we founded in 1945. It is a circus."

The Nationalists had left the session before they were voted out of the organization because they don't represent the Chinese peoples.

But first Chow took the podium and told the 131 member assembly that the vote that they were about to take was a "flagrant violation" of the U.N. charter and that he decided "not to take part in any further proceeding of this General Assembly. " The members cheered Chow's statement as he left.