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The Ecology Center announced Nov. 5 a major expansiĆ³n of recycling efforts in the Ann Arbor community. On Wednesday, December 1, a new recycling station will open just south of Coca Cola Bottling Co. on South Industrial Highway near Stadium Boulevard. The use of this location has been donated by Mr. Harold Kleis of the Coca Cola Bottling Co. With the opening of this new facility, the two present recycling stations at Arborland and Westgate will be permanently closed. For the first time, people will be able to recycle glass, cans, newspaper, and magazines at one convenient location. In order to minimize traffic on residential streets, it is recommended that people use Packard, Stadium, South Industrial and other major arteries to reach the new station. The last day for recycling at Westgate will be Saturday, Nov. 20. Wed. Nov. 24 will be the last day to recycle at Arborland. The move to the new location will take a week, therefore it will not be possible to recycle materials from Nov. 25 until Dec. 1. The new center will be open for the people Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 a. m. until 4:30 p. m. As in the past, glass must be separated by color-green, clear, andbrown, rinsed out, and all metal removed. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled separately. Cans must be rinsed, labels removed, and flattened. Due to the large expense involved in developing the new site, and the desperate need for funds to support additional environmental programs in the community, payments for glass will not be made at the new recycling station. According to a recent survey conducted at the Arborland Glass Recycling Station, over 98% of those people surveyed indicated that they would continue to recycle glass without a monetary incentive. Qrganizations that wish to recycle glass in order to raise funds may cali Mr. Ron Praeder of OwensIllinois, Inc. in Charlotte, Michigan (517-543-1400) to make the proper arrangements for delivering glass to the Charlotte plant. Since Sept. of 1970, over 3, 000, 000 lbs. of glass, 150, 000 lbs. of newspapers and 15, 000 lbs. of metal cans have been recycled. This success has been possible through the efforts cf many people. According to Pat Taylor, Ecology Center Recycling Coƶrdinator, "This is a first step towards a total recycling program for the City af Ann Arbor". We hope that during 1972 the city will intiate a program to provide curb-side pi:k up of recyclable solid waste materials. According to Mr. Howell, who will manage the new station, "Volunteer help is essential to the success of the expanded recycling program". People who wish to volunteer and people who have any questions about the move, should cali the Ecology Center at 7613186.