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Jo Bulkley, education studentRape is one of the sick symptons of our society. We have to get down to the cause j of rape before anything can be done. I don 't think the pólice are really rested in this area; they're more interested in busttng people or giving parking tickets. People aren 't sexually educated in oui society; they can 't deal with it in normal ways. Ed Vincent, no occupation - I con 't think the rape problem is beirig handled. I don 't think itil ever be solved by the cops. I thin' you have to rely on people more to be together more. You can 't depend on the city; it's people helping people, you know. Judy Pekala, art student-It's realy gotten me scar- ed. My roomates and I, we never used to be scared, j but now we meet eacy other before i going home. Now i [ feel kind of fined inside, just knowing it could be dangerous for me. I'd panic if aayone tried to rape me. I read about the women's crisis center. It seems like no one cares but the women. Kathy Kozachenki, student-I'm real glad the women's crisis center has started in order to deal with the situation. In terms of my own situation, 111 probably stül do the same things as bef ore and walk on the streets alone when I foei like it. I might be more careful now. Therese Rochon, Brown Jug Waitress-It's a danin shaxne boys have to rape. Something should be done to these poor guys who deern it neoessary. As far as myself, I'm a good runner. Vm not uptio-ht aboui it. But it's too bad people take sex and use it as a way to harm o ther people. Thls Voice of the People by Lyn Byce. See Women's Crisis arücle on page 4.