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Poem For John

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M We received a tape from Allen Ginsberg around Halloweea - It has Allen and Peter Orlovsky chanting a mantra with words called a "Poem for John Sinclair. " Allen and Peter ooomm and víbrate the following message: TREK OR TREAT! Year aiter year literary Persons Ed Sanders Robert Creeley myseli Qrganizations the American Chapter of P. E. N. Club representing 1100 U.S. writers have petitioned the State of Michigan for release of Poet Musician John Sinclair from entrapment by Pólice Courts Jails 9 12 - 10 year sentence No Appeal Bail silly maximum Security for 2 joint bust. This Case articulates the bankruptcy of mlddle class law-and-order Work-within-system Rationalizations of irrational Public Injustice. No Law maker, Judge or Policeman in Michigan Can aruge their own Respectability while their State Bureaucracy Conspires to outrage Law and Order by keeping Sinclair in Prison. - Allen Ginsberg. For the lOth Time. Cctober 30, 1971. Both WABX and WRIF have a tape of Allen and Peter chanting this message - if you want to hear what it sounds like, give them a cali and ask them to play it. WABX's # is 961-8888, and WRIF is 354-WRIF. . , . J