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Youth Liberation Program

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It is quickly becoming clear that we may be the last generation in the story of life. To ansver Ihe problems now at hand it will take a united effort of all the people. Youth Liberation is made up of "kids" who feel that they are people.

The program that we have put together is an attempt to find out what is wrong with our present situation and what can be done to help it's growth towards Unity, Peace and Freedom. If our program ever strays from the specific needs of youth it is because we know that we are not free until all people are free and the earth is a healthy place to live.

In our program we define the need for the following;

1. Full civil and human rights.
2. The end of adult chauvinism.
3. The end of male chauvinism and sexism.
4. The right to form our education according to our own needs.
5. The opportunity to create an authentic counter-culture with institutions of our own making.
6. Sexual self-determination.
7. The freedom to form into communal families
8. The right to control the destiny of our own bodies.
9. The freedom to live in a ecologically sound earth.
10. The end of racism and colonialism in the U. S. and the world.
11. The end of class antagonisms among young people.
12. The right to be economically independent of adults.
13. The need not to let the machine of technology and bureaucracy enslave our minds and the need to rehumanise existence.
14. The necessity of communication and solidarity with the young people of the world in our common struggle for freedom and peace.
15. We want power, to control our destiny.

Youth will make the revolution - Youth will keep it!!