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For a long time we've been told that our underarms and feet smelled too bad for public noses and the use of Chemical deodorants and creams would kill the natural smells on our bodies, so that no one would be offended. And now, major drugc osmetic companies, like Johnson and Johnson and Alberto Cu'ver, have decided that it is time for a feminine hygeine deodorant to keep sisters vaginas smelling "sweet". After all, according to them, our genitals are supposed to be the dirtiest part of our bodies. A recent issue of the Medical Letter, a drug-evaluation newsletter for doctors stated, "It is unlikely that commercial deodorant feminine hygeine sprays are as effective as soap and water in promoting a hygeinic and odor-free exter-nal genital surface. " Gynecological specialist Dr. Bernard Kaye of Highland Park, ni. , described these hygeine sprays as "expensive perfumes". The Wall St. Journal quoted Dr. Kaye to say, "There's never been any proof that the sprays are effective to do anything except make money for the companies. There's no reason for the damn things. " Dr. Kaye continúes to report that he gets a "couple of calis a day" f rom sisters complaining of a rash or an itch, many of which can be traced directly to the sprays . Today's Health (public ati on of the AMA) warns sisters not to use the sprays directly before intercourse be-cause such use had resulted in a number of cases where both the sister and brother had genital irritation. The Federal Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have begun to investígate these deodor- ants. The FDA is concerned about the side-effects of the sprays. Most of the sprays are made of an oily base containing a germ-killer (usually hexachlorophene), perfume and a gas propellant. Recent studies have found a possible connection between hexachlorophene and brain damage in laboratory animáis FDA wants to see the ingredients listed on the spray containers, but presently no ingredients have been listed. You don't know what the spray's contents are, and you could be using chemicals that you may be allergie to or that may be likely to kill you. The FTC is more concerned with the advertising campaign. -- a massive one by any standard. Recently televisión has gone all out with discreet, low-key ads about femininity, the "new woman" and vaginal odors According to the Wall Street Journal projected sales for 1971 will run to $53 million dollars, a market of almost 24 million sisters who have been brainwashed to believe that their vaginas have "bad odors" and try to counteract the smell with chemical perfumed sprays. Alberto Culver alone spent 3. 5 million dollars in 1970 to advertise their spray, FDS, and took in $14 million in sales - quite a profit when soap and water does the same thing. There is no profit for the sisters using these Chemicals or brothers that make contact with them, except for rashes and itches that result in going to doctors and spending more money unnecessarily. Let's wisei p and understand that the only reasons for these perfumed deordorant hygeine sprays is to make money for large companies, and we get nothing in return except irritations. ïï these corporations are so concerned about body smells, then let them do something about the polluted air filled with dirt and smells that stick to our clothes. Just think of how that money could be used to help find new ways of birth control for sisters and brothers. We don't need to make our natural bodies smell like chemical factories, in order to increase the horde of the death culture merchants. LIFE TO THE LIFE CULTURE! ! (much af this article taken from LNS)