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The Artist's Workshop (soon to be part of the Community Center) will soon be starting an Artist's Newsletter. The is hoped, will help form an artist's community and provide information for everyone from people into writing, photography, film, sketching and all other forms of communication. All artist's in the community are asked to contribute information and time. There is a $5 contribution asked from all businesses that wish to have their ñames Usted in the Newsletter to help support the Newsletter itself and to support the Artist's Workshop. Send all information to Glenn Davis, 817 Washtenaw, Apt. 307, Ypsilanti, Mich. 48197 or cali 482-5766, SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNTTY PROGRAMS. FLASH! In a Detroit News article Associate Editor John H. O'Brien called the 1-94 between Detroit and Ann Arbor the worst in the entire national interstate system. Watch where you point that car ',J FLASH! ALL SISTERS WELCOME! The Radical Lesbians invite all sisters to organizational meetings every Friday night at 8:00 PM, room 322 in the Michigan Union. Feel Free! FLASH! The SUN needs brothers and sisters who will help type for the SUN ! We have two beautiful IBM typewriters and interesting surrondings. Cali Kathy at the ANN ARBOR SUN- 761-1709 or stop by anytime. FLASH! On Saturday, December 4th there will be a demonstratíon in front of the Capitol Building against the Traxler Bill which is about the Penal Code Revisión. The demonstration will start at 11:30 in Lansing. For more information cali daytimes at 763-4186 and at night at 761-2296. FLASH! Did you know Wat it has been proven that bacteria cannot grow in the presence of honey? It seems that honey is an excellent source of potassium and potassium draws in all the moisture which is essential for bacterias survival. Honey pro ves to be a good sugar subsitute, it has a great variety of uses, and tastes great. But the best yet its completely natural. Honey On! FLASH! The word matrix means that within or inside something originales. The Matrix is a library of material and information on educational alternatives now in Ann Arbor. It will also be an information center for people who wish to start or work in existing educational programs. The Matrix will be located in the Community Center on 502 E. Washington, the old Fisher Caddillac Building, Everyone is urged to contribuir; materials, time, and energy. LEARN TO EDÚCATE, EDUCATED TO LEARN. FLASH! THE WOMEN'S CRSIIS CENTER Í3 a new service now opening in Ann Arbor. The Center will provide phone-peer counseling walk-in counseling a refiera] service and will help handle such problems as health, drugs, abortion, sex information, assault victims and legal aid. Or if all you need is a good person to talk to this will be the place. The Center now needs everyones help to become a reality, if you 're interested stop by at the Pendlham Library in the Michigan Union between 12 and 9 PM. FLASH! PEOPLE'S LITERATURE (Books and pamphlets on liberation and revolutionary struggles) available at POLIS. Once they pay their bilis thelr prices will go down and the profits will go to the people. We also need people to work in the collective especially sisters. Stop in at 211 S. State upstairs, 9:30-5:00 weekdays, 12:00-5:00 Saturday and Sunday for a vlsit. FLASH! CENTER HOUSE is growing and wants to expand. Only YOU, the community can do it. There are many ways: rapline counselar, medical volunteer, coffee house worker and many others. The phone collective will be starting phone training for those interested on Nov. 8, Nov. 29, Jan. 10, and Feb. 21. The classes are 7:30-10:30, Mon -Fri. for two weeks. Give us a cali at 399-9090 or drop by at 109 E. 9 Mile in Ferndale for further informa- tion. Contact Torn, Debbie, Shirley, or Dave. Support your community programs !