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MONDAY November 29 "MURDER OF FRED HAMPTON" Auditorium A, AngelĂ­ Hall 7:30 and 9:30 Contribution $1.00 TUESDAY November 30 "LOS SIETE DE LA RAZA" "CASE AGAINST LINCOLN CENTER" 7 :30 Room 3X Michigan Union Free Film Series THURSDAY December 2 "SALT OF THE EARTH" 331 Thompson (between William and Liberty) 7:30 and 9.-30 Contribution $1.00 SATURDAY December 4 "SALT OF THE EARTH" 2:30 Contribution $1.00 "BATTLE OF ALGIERS" 7;30 and 9:30 Contribution $1.00 331 Thompson (between William and Liberty) TUESDAY December 7 "HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE" "HISTORIA DE UNA BATALLA" 7:30 Room 3X Michigan Union Free Film Series TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, "BRAZIL- A REPORT ON TORTURES" THURSDAY December 7-8-9 In conjunction with Brazil Week, panel discussions, etc. , will be held. Places have not yet been found. Watch for ads, and leaflets in the near future. It may pre-empt the Free Film Series on Tuesday, Dec. 7. Well try to have it free, but may have to ask for donations to cover the cost of $125 for the film plus expenses (people are trying to get it funded) . To be shown at the Free Film Series when it gets in: EL PUEBLO SE LEVANTA (possibly at the Dec. 14 showing).