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I think I mentioned in the last astrology column that there have been no planets in any earth signs for the past couple of weeks. Nor have any planets Deen in any fixed signs. Let me explain. Each sign is either fire, earth, air, or water, and each sign is also either cardinal, fixtíd, or mutable. They go in :hat order through the zodiac, so that the first sign, Aries, is cardinal fire, the second sign, Taurus, is fixed earth, and so on through the year with twelve different combinations. Fire is spirit, energy, beginnings. Earth is solid, material, body, stableness. Air is mind, consciousness, it relates everything to everything. Water is emotion, jersonality, flowing, changes. In the riplicity cardinal means initiating or beginning action, fixed is stabalizing or concretizing, and mutable is preparing or changing action. So as you can see with no planets in any earth or fixed signs leaves us in an extremely pecarious situation. It happens that most of the planets were in mutable signs, with a lot of fire and air. For people who have a lot of earth in their charts this has been a sometimes very frustrating time, trying to stabalize and concretize and deal with actual materials. That's true for generally everyone, but for the earth signs it could seem beyond order. All the changes going on easily produce much chaos that is hard to grab on to. In the next two weeks some really good things are happening, especially for everyone who has been able, somehow to get into the flow and changes of things and have been feeling good (I feel like there's a perpetual storm here at the Rainbow house, and I love it most of the time) - one planet is moving into an earth sign: Venus is moving into Capricorn November 29th. There will be four planets in fire signs, three planets in air signs and one in water. The one in water is very important too because it's Mars in Pisces. Mars has to do with basic directions of energy, and it is in Pisces, the mutable water sign of chaos and sorrow and institutions (prisons, mental hospitals etc.) on the one hand and serving the people on the other. In the triplicity three planets will be in cardinal, none will be in fixed and six will be in mutable. This is not counting the moon, which changes signs every two or three days and theref ore will be going through the entire cycle faster than any of the other planets. We can look forward to many more changes and new ideas - and chaos if we're not careful. Another really prominent thing that should be listed here is the movement of the Sun into Sagittarius on November 22. Sagittarius is a time of gathering experience, traveling, and planning. Sagittarius is ruled by Júpiter, the god of the gods. It rules the higher mind of wisdom, it is the sage. E is represented by a centaur, half human, half horse, shooting an arrow into the sky. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. Changing spirit, changing spirit, changing times, it wants to put things into order. It is leading up to and preparing for the winter solstice when the sun goes into Capricorn next month. The horse for a long time has been associated with tamed or ordered power, but also with extremely fine and deep feelings, along with animal experience. Couple this with the wisdom of the human sage and the high goals represented by the arrow and there is the potential for some very good feelings. The Full Moon this month happens in the night between December 1 and 2, reaching its fullest at 2:49 am on the 2nd, in Gemini. This will add to the whole changing nature of things, the quickness. Gemini is represented by the Twins, going from one extreme to the other fast. ft is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods. Gemini is the mutable air sign. During the winter nights its often hard to see the stars and planets at all through the weather. Solstice is coming though, and that signáis the lengthening of the days again, the last quarter before Spring and the awakening. Winter forces us to deal with each other more, and Sagittarius has some of the highest social consciousness. Use these days well to prepare for the new levéis of organization we are bound to reach as Rainbow people.