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Hopi Land Raped

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BLACK MESA Arizona, (LNS) - Coal mlnlng opera√ľons on the Black Mesa, a high plateau in northeastern Arizona are threatening to destroy the traditional holy lands of the Hopi Indian tribe. Peabody Coal Co. is strip mining huge tracks of Hopi land - land which the Hopi's consider "the spiritual center of our continent. " The coal that Peabody extracta will go to fuel the giant complex of electrical plants in the area. Most of the power from these plants will be transmitted to southern California, to meet the ever increasing demands of the big cities for more electricity. Condemning the destruction of their land, religious leaders of the Hopi nation said in a letter to President Nixon: The white man, through his insensitivity to the way of Nature, has desecrated the face of Mother Earth. The white man's advanced technological capacity has the spiritual path capacity has occurred as a lack of his reguard for the spiritual path and for the way of all living things. "The white man's desire for material possessions and power has blinded him to the pain he has caused Mother Earth by his quest for what he calis natural resources. All over the country, the waters have been tainted, the soil broken and defiled, the air polluted. Living creatures die from poisons left bejause of industry. And the path of the Great Spirit has beconi_ difficult to see by alm os t all men. "