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Last issue I mentioned that I would do an article about sprouts this week but since then quite a few people here at the Rainbow house have been coming down with and suffering from colds so l've been doing some research on herbal remedies for colds and sore throats and the like and I thought you might be interested in what I found out, since so many brothers and sisters have colds at this time of the year. Most herbal medicine books relate to colds as being an affliction that comes from within the body rather than being caused by the virus outside the body. In one book colds were related to as a flushing out of excess mucuous and poisonous matter within the body that had built up from following an incorrect diet for too long. You have to remember that the correct diet is different for each person and each particular person's diet must relate lo the changing elements such as weather and season etc. In other words each person's diet must vary with the time for year and the weather and must also relate to that particular person's chemical needs in order for a person to maintain -good health. The difficulty lies in that that relationship is a very complex relationship that is delicately balanced. Given the impurity of the food and the air here in this country, and the chaotic state that the weather is in right now. it's no wonder that so many people come down with colds. U's important to keep in touch with your body so that you can feel a cold coming on and catch it before it gets going because it's so much harder to get rid of a cold once it has set in and you feel really miserable. Probably the best method of doing this that I have heard of yet is to place a piece of raw garlic on the inside of each cheek down between the teeth on both sides and leave it there for several hours or a whole day (while you're awake). l've read about this remedy in several herb books and one person that I know tried it and it worked. If you do catch cold there are several herb teas that are especially beneficial for certain ailments of colds, such as sore throat, fever, coughs, stuffed-up sinuses, and chest congestion. To make a tea from an herb use 1 oz. herbal water. Don't boil the herb. First boil the water and then steep the herb in the water after you turn off the heat. As a general remedy use herbs that increase perspiration, mucous, and urine flow through increased circulation so that all the poison and mucous will flow out of your body more quickly. Herbs that increase circulation are cayenne, goldenseal, ginseng, alfalfa seed, and ginger. Another general remedy is date milk. The recipe is: use the most pure milk that you can find, simmer 1 cup with 810 dates for 15 mins. until dates dissolve and milk is tanned. Drink hot and eat all the soft parts. This supplies lots of Vit. D and is good for you all the time. For sore throats drink pineapple juice which contains bromelin enzyme that digests the dead cells. You can also gargle sea salt water, drink sasafras tea or ginger tea or gargle and swallow 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Iridian hemp, camomille, sarsaparilla are good teas to drink to reduce fevers. Tarragon and cardamom also reduce fevers. One good cough syrup can be made by boiling one whole uncut lemon for 10 mins., and then using the juice with 1 oz. glycerine and 1 cup honey. Take 1 tsp. 3 times a day. Slippery elm throat losengers help soothe a scratchy throat. Chest or head congestion can be one of the worst parts of any cold because your whole body feels so clogged up and can be dealt with in several different ways. Chew honeycomb, bits at a time, for 15 mins renewing each piece then for several hours. This helps a whole lot for head congestion and tastes great too! If you object to using sweets in your body, drink nettle tea, red raspberry or golden seal tea. An oil for chest congestion-that can be used like Vick's, can be made from 2 tablespoons of castor oil and 1 teaspoon of spirits of turpentine. Warm the mixture a little and then rub it on your chest covering it with a warm cloth. The best was to deal with a cold is not to get one and that means relating to your food as your body chemistry and organs do. Try to avoid foods such as wheat, rice milk and cheese and peanuts for example that tend to be mucous producing foods. Choose grains such as millet and rye, soybeans and yogurt for your protein supply during the winter months. Use almonds instead of peanuts as nuts and judge how you feel physically after eating foods that you're not sure about. I can usually feel an increase in mucous in my throat and head if I eat something that produces too much mucous for my body to handle. There are several really good herbal healing books out that you might like to check out. I got really high from reading the Canadian Whole Earth Almanac Vol. 2. - Healing Almanac. It's really far-out and has lots of information about all sorts of herbal remedies, astrology related cures and preventatives, Chinese herbal medicine, where to get herbs, folklore etc. It costs $3 but the volume of information in it is worth the $3. A folk medicine book from Vermont recommends that an over all prevention for colds is to not sleep in cold weather with open Windows, your body metabolism is slowed way down and it's easier to catch a chill and not rid yourself of it for several hours while you're sleeping and your body is in that state. When you do have a cold, fast so that your body can devote all its major energy to healing rather than trying to digest all that food through a clogged up system. If you can get into basic food chemistry and try to plan your meals in the cold months so that mucous producing foods are minimal you should experience less colds and such, also keeping in mind that it's important to stay warm and dry, especially your feet and head. EAT TO STAY HIGH!