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Tim Leary Free

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Dr. Timothy Leary continues to live in complete freedom in the Swiss village of Villares and it now appears that he will not have to face extradition hearings which could have forced his return to prison in the United States.

Leary's attorney Michael Kennedy, who is presently staying with Leary in Switzerland, has reported that Leary will likely remain free in Switzerland "unless he causes the Swiss government any trouble." Kennedy said that the Swiss government seemed to oppose starting any extradition proceedings as long as Leary and his wife Rosemary remained law-abiding citizens.

Leary was arrested and jailed in Switzerland earlier this year and is currently out of jail on $18,000 bond. Several extradition hearings against him were scheduled during September and October, but each of those hearings was postponed with the permission of the Swiss government.

If Leary is ever extradited lo the United States, he would be returned to the prison from which he escaped; he had been imprisoned on charges of possessing marijuana.

-- Earth News